Whether you’ve had to call a West London domestic household waste removal service before, you know benefits of decluttering and how much of a difference a proper declutter and clean can make for your home. From freshening up the atmosphere to relieving emotional stress, simply getting rid of unwanted rubbish can radically change your day to day life.

While we usually write decluttering and cleaning advice, today’s blog post covers the benefits that decluttering can bring you. Keep reading to find out all about how just one call to your West London domestic household rubbish disposal company can improve your daily routine.

What is the Benefits of Decluttering?

Declutter your Stress Levels

If clutter is associated with one thing, it’s stress. With various studies that have shown that increased clutter in a home environment makes for higher levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), it’s well proven that an untidy home environment makes for a stressful home environment.

If this wasn’t enough, West London domestic household rubbish removal knows that stress is highly linked to overeating and unhealthy habits, only making the problem worse.

A Cluttered Home is an Unhealthy home

Putting aside the links between clutter and stress, clutter has been shown to contribute to unhealthy eating and overeating. Large amounts of clutter in the kitchen and dining spaces often lead to people ordering takeaway and promote generally unhealthy “fast food” eating choices.

People living in cluttered homes have also been shown to have increased levels of exhaustion as a result of their messy environment.

Fermenting of germs/bacteria

If space is full of rubbish, it quickly becomes impossible to clean. If you’re unable to wipe a surface or hoover a carpet because of all the clutter around, then germs and bacteria quickly start building up.

From the dirty dishes that attract insects and pests to the clothes lying around collecting dust, germs and bacteria accumulate rapidly if one doesn’t organise regular visits from a West London domestic household waste disposal service.

Find Hidden and Unexpected Value

All too often we leave important things lost in the piles of rubbish and clutter in our home, thinking that we’ll remember exactly where we left it. In reality, we’ve usually just added to the clutter and lost track of something useful. Going through your home allows you to rid yourself of useless things, but also to rediscover all the useful things you thought you lost or misplaced.

Our West London domestic household waste disposal service also always advises those with excess clutter to donate unneeded items to charity rather than to simply throw them away. All too often there is someone in need who would treasure an item or piece of clothing much more than the bin will.

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Now that you clearly understand the benefits of decluttering, it’s time to start putting items in their right place and reaping the benefits! Of course, if you come across a job that’s a bit too tough to handle, or have any large bulky furniture or other items you want to dispose of, be sure to call AndrewsWaste® at 0800 779 7688.