Price Includes

rubbish removal pricing

Minimum Call Out

  • This price includes: One man filling up to 1 cubic yards, 5 minutes labour/loading

Price Includes

1/8 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 2/3 cubic yards, 10 minutes labour/loading up to 200kg

Price Includes

1/4 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 4 cubic yards, 15 minutes labour/loading up to 350kg

Price Includes

3/8 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 6 cubic yards, 25 minutes labour/loading up to 500kg

Price Includes

1/2 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 8 cubic yards, 30 minutes labour/loading up to 600kg

Price Includes

5/8 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 10 cubic yards, 40 minutes labour/loading up to 800kg

Price Includes

3/4 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 12 cubic yards, 45 minutes labour/loading up to 950kg

Price Includes

7/8 Load

  • This price includes: Filling 14 cubic yards 50 minutes labour/loading up to 1200kg

Price Includes

Full Load

  • This price includes: Filling 16 cubic yards 60 minutes labour/loading up to 1400kg


Cubic Yards

Max Weight Allowance

Max Time Allowance

Prices (ex-Vat)

1Minimum Call Out5 mins£49.00
2/3200 kg10 mins£75.00
4350 kg15 mins£95.00
6500 kg25 mins£155.00
8600 kg30 mins£185.00
10800 kg40 mins£215.00
12950 kg45 mins£235.00
141200 kg50 mins£265.00
161400 kg60 mins£285.00 to £325 

*Eco Charge

Items which require special disposal

*Supplement Charges

Fridges – £60.00/£130.00 + VAT Mattress – £25.00 + VAT Tyres – £10.00/£15.00 + VAT CRT TV’s and Monitors – £15.00 + VAT Flat Screens (small & large) – £20.00 + VAT *Extras Extra time @ £1.50 + VAT per minute Extra weight £18.50 +VAT per 100kg *Please note that price might vary depending on collection location. If your rubbish contains both household items and heavy waste please call us on 0800 779 7688 for a bespoke quote.

*Note: Mixed construction, rubble and soil are measured by weight. Roughly 25 bags to 1 tonne

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  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Full-service rubbish removal
  • Fair pricing, based on truck volume
  • Quick and easy onsite payment

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