Big Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering your Home.

When it comes to Chelsea domestic household waste removal, there are plenty of pitfalls and Big mistakes to be made. This is why our top team at Andrews Waste in Chelsea has compiled this handy blog post with some of the top mistakes to avoid when decluttering your home.

Instead of pummelling you with various tips and strategies, we thought we’d highlight some of the most commonly made mistakes that end up setting people back when it’s time to declutter and reorganise.

Have Reasonable Expectations

All too often people will set aside a day for cleaning and decluttering with expectations of a picturesque and thoroughly tidied house by the end of the day. In almost all cases, unless you have the help of a Chelsea domestic household rubbish removal company, this just isn’t possible.

Break your decluttering and tidying into various chunks and stages, with each room having a set of separate goals. After all, cleaning the kitchen is different from organising your bedroom. This way, you’ll always be making progress somewhere in the house, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning every square inch of your home.

Clean First, Shop Later

Maybe the only worse mistake than overshooting your rubbish removal is giving yourself more work to do! Too many people think that to declutter their home they need a set of brand new bags, storage containers, and other unexpected tools. When it comes to tidying your home, always tidy before you go out buying equipment or supplies.

Once you know what kind or size of storage container you need and how much stuff will be going inside it, then you can go out and make the purchase.

Don’t Go in Without a Plan of Action

Whether it’s cleaning surfaces before they’ve been properly dusted, or mopping floors before they’ve been swept, without a plan of action all these efforts will be completely wasted. Chelsea domestic household waste disposal always makes a list at the start of a job to be sure they know exactly what they’re going to do and in what order.

Get your laundry going first thing so that it can run while you perform other tasks, also letting you hang it out to dry earlier in the day. By taking five minutes to organise your tasks and their order, you can save much more time down the line.

Don’t Do Something Later, Do it Now!

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle when it comes to decluttering is usually our laziness. Every time you look over at something out of place, try to spur up the motivation to put it in its right place immediately. By doing small bits here and there throughout, you end up saving yourself a large-scale Chelsea domestic household waste removal operation later down the line.

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Now that you’ve got a good idea of the pitfalls to avoid when decluttering, it’s time to get tidying! Of course, for any furniture or other large items that prove to be too difficult, be sure to call Andrews Waste for our Chelsea domestic household rubbish disposal services at 0800 7797688.

Be sure to check our other blog posts for a variety of ideas and advice when it comes to home and office decluttering and tidying.