We Clear Almost Anything. 

Items We Clear 🚛


We’re your go-to solution for clearing out almost any clutter or waste. Use our user-friendly online platform to select and list the unwanted items you’re keen to dispose of and instantly get a transparent quote – no hidden costs.

Common items we remove:

🏠 Household Favourites:
🪑 Old furniture sets, worn-out sofas, dining tables.
💻 E-waste like outdated computers, monitors, and TVs.

Green Collections:
🌿 Garden debris – hedge cuttings, twigs, and leaves.

Sleep Space Clearance:
🛏 Mattresses that have seen better nights.

Domestic Gadgets:
🧊 White goods including fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers.

Renovation Debris:
🧱 Building waste – timber offcuts, discarded tiles.

Weighty Wonders:
📦 Anything bulky that’s overstayed its welcome.

Office Clear-Outs:
🖨 Chairs, desks, and all other workspace gear.

Home Collections:
🛋 From lounge recliners to vintage wardrobes – declutter with ease.

📺 Entertainment units, sound systems, and old gaming consoles.

📦 Storage Clear-outs: Distant memories in the form of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and boxes of old magazines.

Outdoors & Green:
🌳 Fallen branches, old garden tools, unused patios, and BBQs.
🍂 Seasonal clear-outs, leaf collections, and lawn remnants.

Bedroom Farewells:
🛌 Bedframes, headboards, and those once-coveted dressers.

Kitchen & Domestic:
🍳 Old microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens past their prime.

DIY & Renovations:
🔨 Unwanted paints, brushes, and all DIY miscellany.
🪚 Leftover floorboards, discarded plaster, and bathroom fixtures.

🏢 Office & Work:
🪑 Ergonomic chairs of yesteryears, large conference tables, and tech gear.
📠 Outmoded fax machines, ancient servers, and sizeable filing cabinets.

🏬 Retail Remnants: Old display units, unsold stock, or shop-fit waste, we’ve got retailers covered.

🍂 Seasonal Surplus: Post-festive decorations, Halloween props, or Easter decor, we help transition between seasons smoothly.

Special Categories:
🚲 Rusty bikes, unsalvageable tents, and sports gear that no longer sparks joy.

🚪 Garage Clearance: Old bicycles & cycling gear, unused or broken tools, outdated lawn mowers, ladders showing wear and tear, discarded DIY project remnants, broken or unused garden equipment, miscellaneous stored items.

🚗 Automotive Extras: Unwanted car seats, old car stereos, rusty bike racks, and unused car covers.

For London & Beyond:
🌆 Catering to the heartbeat of London and its surrounding beauty.

Can’t Find Your Item?

Not seeing your specific waste category? In the vast landscape of London waste collection, we most likely cover it! (If you don’t see your waste type above, we most likely still remove it!) For every other thing that you might want to dispose of, but isn’t listed above, we’ve probably handled it before!

What we don’t take

  • Chemicals, solvents, and oils
  • Asbestos materials
  • Storage oil drums
  • Oil and waste storage tanks

If your waste isn’t mentioned above, chances are we can manage it, provided it’s not hazardous. Uncertain about your items?

Reach out for clarity: 📞 0800-779-7688

Rubbish Removal

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