How to Make Home Decluttering Fun and Easy

Nobody likes decluttering and tidying their home, which is why Fulham domestic household waste removal has written up this blog post with some unique cleaning ideas. From getting the family involved to providing fun and speedy decluttering methods, this blog post is an invaluable resource when spring cleaning time comes around (or any other time you need to declutter your home seriously).

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Make a Checklist

While it might be early signs of an obsessive compulsion disorder, there’s something special about ticking an item off a list. Fulham domestic household waste disposal always starts any decluttering session with a checklist of what they’ll be doing and in what order.

This lays the order and foundation of the work that needs to be done, letting you get on with whatever is next without fumbling about for something to do.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If you’ve got a house filled with family, then you’ve probably got a lot of tidying work to do. Make your job effortless and more fun by including everyone in the family when it’s time to declutter and clean the house.

Give every family member a different type of task or area, splitting up the workload to make things more manageable. If you have a large-scale task, put two family members to work together on it to get it done faster and more efficiently. Fulham domestic household rubbish removal knows that teamwork makes the decluttering dream work.

Turn things into a Challenge or Game

A highly effective strategy if you have children helping you out, make or find a few decluttering challenges or games to keep things fun and interesting. Challenges like the 12-12-12 challenge, where you find 12 items to throw out, 12 items to give to charity and 12 items to be returned to their proper home can be a fun way to organise 36 things in your house!

From things like the four-box-method to giving away one item each day (to make 365 fewer things by the end of the year), a quick google search can inspire your decluttering when you’ve lost motivation.

Put some Music on

Music has been shown to relieve negative emotions like stress and anxiety, things that go hand in hand with a cluttered house. If that wasn’t enough, multiple studies have found that having background music while doing repetitive tasks (or any task, a study even tested music with surgeons on the job!) leads to a better performance than not having any music.

While Fulham domestic household rubbish disposal won’t be jamming to the radio when they come round, putting on a few of your favourite tunes when it’s time to clean can be an easy way to get in the zone.

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Now that you’ve got more than a few ideas on how to declutter and tidy your home more easily and effectively, you’re all set to take on the clutter of your house. For when the chaos gets to be too much or too heavy, then be sure to call Andrews Waste at 0800 779 7688 for our Fulham domestic household rubbish disposal services.