How to Declutter Your Work Office Step by Step. There’s nothing worse than getting to work and being unable to start your workday because of an untidy office that’s in need of a Chelsea commercial rubbish removal service. A variety of studies have shown the importance of having a tidy and organised work environment when it comes to productivity and general happiness at work, and it’s why we’ve compiled this step by step guide on decluttering your office and workspace. 

Don’t dread walking into your office anymore, and instead start tidying up your office so that you and your colleagues can work freely. 

Best ways of Declutter Your Work Office:

Set Some Time Apart for Cleaning

Many jobs rigidly schedule and prioritise tasks, meetings and targets, however not enough businesses leave a bit of time for their employees to tidy their workspace up at the end of the day. No matter what, try to carve out a bit of time in your agenda or calendar during the workday just to clean and tidy up around you. 

This time will feel like an invaluable escape, letting you set yourself up properly for the day to come or prepare everything for the next day to come. 

Have a Utilitarian Desk

There are few things as distracting as a cluttered desk. It’s important to have a workspace which is clean and organised, and that has the necessary free space upon which to work. Chelsea commercial waste removal always advises to keep a utilitarian desk, and only keep things you use just about every day on your desk’s surface. 

Cutting out all non-essential items will make for more organised desk space and a smoother workflow.

Put Things in Their Proper Place

While this tip seems quite obvious, our Chelsea commercial rubbish removal team always give it anyway since it’s one we often forget when we’re distracted at work. If you take a hole puncher out of your drawer to hole punch something, don’t leave it lying around on your desk when you’re done using it! 

In an office, everything has its place and should always be put back in it for the next person to find. Diligently remembering to put things back away where they came from saves an immense amount of tidying in the long run. 

Analyse and Optimise Your Workflow

Our jobs are ultimately all about routine. You’ll usually be finding yourself working on similar tasks with similar items and supplies each week. Take some time to analyse your workspace and flow of work. See what your work rhythms are and if you find any recurring patterns and try to optimise your workspace around these routines. 

Chelsea commercial rubbish removal knows that everyone has a different way of working, so it’s important you understand exactly how it is your work and optimise your workspace around your personal needs.

Call Andrews Waste for our Chelsea Commercial Rubbish Removal Services 

Hopefully, this post will have helped you restore some order to your office, making it easier to focus on your work without any undue distractions. While these tips will help you keep a clean desk and workspace, sometimes there are decluttering jobs that are simply too big for one person to handle. When this is the case, don’t be afraid to call Andrews Waste‘s Chelsea commercial rubbish removal services at 0800 779 7688.