Dispose Garden Waste in London


If you need to dispose of garden waste, We’ll help you with the garden waste collections process and get rid of unwanted garden waste for you.

Garden Waste Removal

Our services include

  • Garden waste removal
  • Green waste removal
  • Garden debris collection
  • Junk removal

Our team specialises in swiftly disposing of garden waste and clearing green debris, ensuring you have ample space to enjoy the great outdoors in no time.

Garden Clearance

Garden clearance is the process of removing unwanted garden waste. This includes grass cuttings, leaves, prunings and weeds. We will collect and remove your garden waste as well as any other rubbish you have in your garden or on the grounds surrounding it.

We can help you get rid of unwanted garden waste by providing a professional service at an affordable price that meets all your needs with no hidden charges or surprises!

Green Waste Removal

Green waste is plant material that can be recycled. It can be composted to produce compost, which is used in gardens and for landscaping. We will collect green waste from your garden, lawn or land.

Green waste can also be recycled into mulch by placing it in a hopper with a chipper and shredder machine that turns it into small pieces of woody material (2-8mm). The resulting product is called mulch because it looks like the bark on trees but it doesn’t have any seeds or stems attached to it so there’s no risk of spreading unwanted plants around your garden!

We will help you get rid of garden waste.

We can help you get rid of unwanted garden waste, old furniture and other rubbish. We will collect and remove your garden waste from anywhere in the local area, including:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves, twigs and branches (no bigger than 1 metre long)
  • Hedge trimmings, shrub cuttings.


We hope you enjoyed this article, and we look forward to helping you with your garden waste removal. Contact us today to get started!