Ways to Dispose of furniture in London

Are you getting ready to move, upgrade or downsize your furnishings, you need ways to dispose of furniture in London and know the best way to dispose of furniture efficiently?  Furniture disposal in London can be a difficult task as you need to break down and carry heavy furniture and also figure out what to do with them.

Wood furniture is hard to recycle for most of the wood is treated, painted, stained or varnished. Untreated wood is reclaimed or composted at times. This furniture made of treated wood is better reused but if you want it out of the way a furniture disposal company is the best to use to get rid of these pieces of furniture. The company disposes of old wood furniture responsibly and out of landfill.

A furniture disposal company will also help you to move the furniture efficiently, and safely without worries about picking it up. The company ensures the furniture ends up in the right place, it can be recycled or donated to charity. If your furniture is in good shape, they are donated to charity, while the unusable furniture is disposed of at a recycling plant in an eco-friendly way. 

Andrews Waste will help you dispose of all types of furniture in London, whether small or big. Large items may lead to more headache since the council clean-up only provide services for regular bin collection. We allow you to dispose of furniture keeping your business clutter-free effortlessly. We load and dispose of your furniture for you, and also sweep up the area on completion. 

The expense of moving large furniture is often not worth it. You can sell or give the large furniture away before you move out. Here are a few ways you can get rid of large furniture in your home.

Selling the furniture

If you have time and energy, you can use an online auction site like eBay. You can make extra cash with this great sale. Use the money to buy unique things for your new home. At the end of the deal, you can donate the left furniture to the local thrift shop. You can also give the furniture to a local organization offering garage sales if your time is limited. 

Offer furniture to a charity.

If your furniture is in excellent condition, clean it and donate the furniture to a local charity that can use the proceeds from their sale to fund their programs and services. By giving what you don’t need you are not only getting rid of things, you do not need but also helping other people in the community who may be in need. You can check for the non-profit firms on the yellow pages or search the internet.

Give the furniture to friends.

If you do not find a buyer, then you can offer your furniture to your friend. Why not tell your friends about the move and furniture disposal? You can ease this by sending a photo of furniture to dispose of to your friends and asking them if they need the items. You can help them load it on a truck or find a professional mover.