The fastest and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your unwanted items in London is to donate to charity or use an organisation that will take the items.

These organisations provide valued assistance to households and communities. By donating your unwanted items:

  • they will be appreciated by someone else
  • you are raising funds for local charities who provide training, employment and apprenticeship opportunities to people in London
  • you are protecting the environment by saving energy, raw materials and preventing items from going to landfill
  • you are helping those in need to buy good quality items at affordable prices

Fastest way to get rid of your unwanted items:

Donating to charity

Please only donate items that could be reused. These organisations can only accept items needing minor repairs or a light clean. Items such as sofas, chairs and beds must carry fire safety labels. All electrical items should be free from rust, be reasonably clean, have intact seals and ideally be in full working order.

Most of the following organisations will collect re-usable items from your home for free.

Get rid of small items

All the above organisations will also accept your smaller unwanted items such as clothing, books and CDs. Alternatively, you can take them to your local charity shop or place them in the charity bags that you may receive. You can also take small items to reuse shops in London and household waste recycling centres.


For tips on where to recycle, reuse, repair or upcycle clothing and textiles across London. You can also find your nearest textile banks, charity shops, repair shops, sewing classes and clothes exchanges using their interactive map.

Garden waste

If you are requiring a garden waste collection and do not have access to a brown bin, please visit garden waste. This page contains guidance on booking a collection and the terms and conditions of collections

Using a private waste removal business

Whether you own or rent your property, it is your responsibility to make sure your waste is not being illegally dumped. This is known as Duty of Care. 

The Duty of Care means that if your waste is found fly-tipped and traced back to you, you could be issued with a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) or even prosecuted through the courts.

If you pay a ‘man with a van’, scrap dealer or hire a skip to dispose of your waste you will need to check they are a licensed waste carrier. 

If you do pay someone to take away your waste, always:

  • ask to see their waste carrier licence, or check online using the Environment Agency’s website link
  • pay by card or bank transfer and get a receipt or waste transfer note
  • note the registration number of the vehicle that collects your waste
  • ask where they are taking the waste to dispose of it

A genuine waste carrier will not mind you asking these questions and will always provide you with a proper receipt. If in doubt, do not allow anyone to take your waste. 

Using our unwanted items collection service automatically fulfils your Duty of Care.

Book a collection

If you are unable to get rid of your items in the above ways and you want to have your unwanted items collected, Andrews Waste offers an on-demand and same day service to remove items from homes, offices and commercial businesses. This will be chargeable based on volume and weight. See pricing

See book a collection for more information on this service.

If a collection is made on your appointment date, then please ensure that your items are left in the exact location given during your booking.