According to sources, London only Recycling 50% of its waste at best and with the environmental issues that the world as a whole face today, that is not enough. The land, air and water pollution that the earth is subject to come mainly from improper waste disposal. It is on us, as inhabitants of this planet, to make sure it is protected and preserved for our future generations. London is home to more than 9 million people, and the amount of waste they produce on an annual basis builds up to 7 million tons. With this amount of waste produced, there is little authorities can do once the problem has already aggravated to such a high level. 

Best waste recycling Service in London 2021

In such a problematic situation, the responsibility lies in the hands of companies like Andrews Waste that contribute towards the effective management of waste in the city. A certified and fully accredited rubbish collection company with its primary aim of providing the best possible customer service to its clients while disposing of their waste in the most environmentally-friendly way. 95% of the garbage that’s collected by Andrews Waste is recycled in their top-notch facilities, and they are committed to their zero-waste policy. This is what makes them stand out from the group. 

Their highly professional and expertly trained staff is devoted to their jobs, and the customers are assured of the fact that their trash is collected, transported, handled and recycled in the most effective way. Their services include office clearance, commercial rubbish clearance, house clearance, domestic clearance, garden clearance, wait & load and furniture disposal.

Once the rubbish is collected, it’s transported to recycling facilities where it will sorted out, and the reusable items are donated to the lesser fortunate—making sure that nothing in the collected material goes to misuse while minimizing the impact on the environment. Moreover, they offer and on-demand and same-day collection service across London, and there is no specific size of the waste matter that you should have accumulated. You will only pay for what they take, and this makes their service super convenient and cost-effective. Additionally, you can use the Price Estimator on their website to calculate what you will have to pay for their services beforehand.

In conclusion, Andrews Waste provides its clients with the best, most efficient waste collection services for the most affordable prices. They are committed to being socially responsible, and once you hire them, you do not have to worry about the negative impact you might be making on the environment through your waste. Their services are available all across London, and hiring them is as easy as 1 2 3.

You can call the team on 0800 779 7688 book an appointment and from then on, sit back and relax. You do not have to take any time off from your busy schedule to worry about your waste. Once you’ve hired Andrews Waste, they leave no waste behind, and their superb reliability and transparency about their services leave no room for you to stress about any post-appointment slip-ups.