Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste Disposal Recycling London Are Not A Magic Bullet to Our Pollution Problems Waste. Both residential and commercial, is such a huge problem today. Entire cities are unable to collect all the rubbish on trash day.

Just walk down your street, and we wager you will come across a disposed of item. It may be a mattress, furniture, or even worse hazardous waste that’s just been dumped. How did we get here so fast?

Several decades ago, you would be hard done to point out a disposed of sofa on your street, and furniture dumped on a busy street was almost unheard of.

Diverting Waste From Landfill Waste Disposal Recycling London

Perhaps the biggest reason why we are unable to cope with building mounds of waste is due to landfills getting smaller and smaller.

Waste Disposal Recycling London

: Consider the fact the UK produced an estimated 290 million tonnes of waste (both commercial and residential) in 2008. Half of this waste has been dumped into landfills which eight years later, are almost filling up.

There is no more land to reclaim to use as landfills, and it seems the only way forward is to recycle as Germany does. Germany is the poster child for recycling.

The country buries about 1% of its waste and recycles the rest to produce power and other goodies. That is turning muck into money as the adage goes.

Help Us Help You!

You too can be part of this process. You can assist us in recycling a good portion of the waste you produce at your workplace or home, carefully packaging it into clearly labelled bags.

One bag for recyclable waste and another for non-recyclable waste. That way, you will make it a lot easier for us to sift through the trash and get to the recyclable ones faster.

Waste Disposal Recycling London : The recyclable things naturally won’t head to our already full landfills. Instead, they will go into our ‘circular economy’, or the recycle plants where waste is the ideal raw material.

Since we make much waste in our everyday lives, waste is almost a renewable source of raw materials.
In our job, we deal with all sorts of waste.

Waste Disposal Recycling London

Our team of professionals at Andrews Waste collects personal, residential and commercial waste and one thing we have noted is, we are not very friendly to our environment, due to a busy lifestyle, and many other factors, we are aware of this and our Waste Disposal services will assist you to recycle on your behalf and divert from landfill.

We find bio-degradable waste mixed with non-degradable waste all the time. It is because of such concoctions that landfills, once meant only for bio-degradable waste, are filling up because what’s being dumped into them does not rot.

Instead, it sticks around, like an unwanted ulcer, slowly eating away at our society and prosperity.

It is high time we all became environmentally conscious. That does not mean we stop producing waste, but instead, we should designate what goes where.

That way, we will save our environment for future generations, and we will have a source for renewable energy, and most importantly, we will be protecting our planet.

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