Rubbish Removal Company London on the Importance of Being Eco Conscious

Andrews Waste being specialists in the field of eco-friendly waste management, know the importance of being eco conscious. We would go as far to say we are the most eco friendly rubbish removal company London.

What Does Eco Conscious Really Mean?

For a company to be deemed eco conscious, they have to be making a significant effort to be environmentally aware. This can be achieved with methods such as: reducing the output of various types of pollution, conserving fossil fuels and utilising renewable energy resources and recycling and reconstituting all available waste. This consideration is a key value for our rubbish removal London service Andrews Waste.

Why is it Important to be Eco Conscious?

Modern times have come with their own set of challenges relating to the environment, Fossil fuels are beginning to run out, pollution is at an all time high, global warming is rapidly melting the ice caps and the ozone layer is becoming weaker by the day. It is important that we try to reverse these affects where possible and is not something this rubbish removal company London takes lightly.

Not only do we have a moral obligation to leave the planet in a better shape than we found it, but at this current time it is estimated that air pollution in the UK to contributes to the shortening of the lives of around 40,000 people a year.

This is mainly through worsening the conditions of people with heart and lung problems. It has also been postulated (but never proven) that air pollution could be a contributing factor towards dementia.

Ways in Which we Can be More Eco Conscious as a Society

By this point we are sure you are beginning to share our level of concern for the environment. Along with this, we are sure you are wondering what can be done and what is being done to take action against effects. For these particular questions this rubbish removal company London are pleased to present you with positive answers.

There Is in fact lots being done to tackle the issues we face at all levels of society.

It does not matter whether you are part of a rubbish removal company London such as Andrews waste or just one person, everybody can make a change.

Reducing Dependency on Fossil Fuels and Pollution

Steps are being taken to replace our dependency on fossil fuels with renewable energy resources. On June 7th this year, for the first time ever, energy generated from renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydro and nuclear energy) overtook non renewable energy sources (gas and coal).         

This marks a monumental shift in the contribution renewable energy has towards our society. This is thanks to action taken by the government and the public alike.

The government have invested huge amounts into wind farms and nuclear energy plants, whilst members of the public have been equipping their homes with solar panels to create their own electricity. This combined effort has been responsible for the first clear sign of fossil fuel dependency diminishing.

What can you do? make sure all electrical items not in use are switched off, ditch the car for a bus, bike or try car sharing. The list of things you can do is as long as your arm and as soon as you start thinking eco consciously, they will come naturally.

The Importance of Recycling

Why is recycling so important? The reasons are recycling is responsible for reducing the amount of waste sent to already way to full landfill sites and emission creating combustion facilities, it conserves natural resources, prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect raw materials, saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions.

Short term solutions are available such as burning waste and even disposing of waste in space (no that is not a joke), but these do not deal with the problem, only symptoms of it.

The problem is that generations before us were not environmentally aware and did very little to tackle the situation. At this point we are attempting to make up for lost time.

It is important that recycling continues growing at a quicker rate than the rate we produce waste so that we may start to deal with the current situation.

Again it does not matter whether you are a rubbish removal company London, the Government or a single person. We can all make a change.

What is Being Done

In 2003 the Household Waste Recycling Act was passed which forced councils to provide every household with at least two recycling bins. Since then recycling has been consistent in growth with the percentage of waste recycled being 43 percent for 2015/2016.

43 percent is fantastic but still does not come close to this rubbish removal company London as we currently recycle 95 percent of all waste collected. As a company we will not stop until that percentage is 100.

This is the reason we are so popular with eco conscious members of the public, they know that when it comes to Andrews waste, their conscience can remain guilt free.

How are we Eco Conscious?

If we have not already convinced you of our dedication to being environmentally conscious, it might be worth us telling you we are licensed by the Environmental Agency to pick up, transport and dispose of waste in an eco friendly fashion. The Environmental Agency has strict criteria in place to ensure only the most environmentally considerate business can obtain licenses.  These criteria are set out in the UK Waste Management regulations.

On top of this we provide a waste transfer certificate on all office clearances as well as a consignment note for hazardous and electronic waste collection. We do this to put your mind at ease by proving our legitimacy as a rubbish removal company London.

Get in Touch

We hope this advice regarding the importance of being eco conscious has been helpful. Should you need help removing and disposing of any furniture, electronics or any other waste in an eco friendly manner, Andrews Waste is a rubbish removal company London here to help. Get in touch for a free courtesy chat by ringing 0800 779 7688 or send us an email at: