London Rubbish Dump Guide.

London Rubbish Dump Guide:Here at Andrew Waste, our team have over the years acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various rubbish dumps and recycling centres all over London.

In so doing, we have equally developed and forged a close working relationship with these organisations and their personnel.London Rubbish Dump Guide In all honesty, the local councils have done a lot towards simplifying the process of London rubbish dump guide and rubbish removal for everyone. The fact remains that removing your refuse and dropping it off at the appropriate location correctly isn’t yet a reality.

It doesn’t matter where you reside, be it in the Chelsea and Kensington area, Wandsworth, Ladbroke Grove or Central London, the chances are that our team may have cleaned up and properly disposed of the rubbish in your neighbourhood before.

So we decided to share some of our knowledge with you. It will help to reduce the burden of removing rubbish from your area.

Where are these Recycling Centre/ Tip/ Dump located in your locality?

London boasts of numerous proper waste disposal centres, but we don’t want to bore you to death by listing all of them. However, we suggest that you turn to the local council’s website first and foremost to find the particular one for your area.

Along with this, also find out the exact London Rubbish Dump Guide and rubbish dump locations of your surrounding areas. Simply because they might be closer to you.
In addition to the above, check out the websites of any waste authorities that provide services for your area in particular.

Here are the most useful ones we have found so far:

For those who reside in the West London area, you may be familiar with the WLWA (West London Waste Authority) and London Rubbish Dump Guide. They provide you with information on ways you can recycle. They also list recycling centres in the region.

If you’re anywhere in East London, you should visit the website of the ELWA (East London Waste Authority). I can guarantee you that it’ll be worth your while. It has a comprehensive list of all the recycling centres all the way from Havering down to Newham.

For those in the North London area, The NWLA (North London Waste Authority) website has all the information on rubbish clearance that you’ll need.

Next is The SWLP (South London Waste Partnership). It comprises four local councils (Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston) who are combining efforts to ensure that waste management and rubbish removal improves in South London.

The residents of Lambeth and Wandsworth, Kensington & Chelsea or Hammersmith & Fulham, can rely on the Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) website for direction. It is appropriately structured, and the information you need is straightforward to access.

Rubbish Removal Top Tips. 

You do end up expending a lot of time, effort and energy if you decide to pack your rubbish yourself. Afterwards you need to transport it in your vehicle or hire a van. Therefore it’s essential that you have a full understanding of what it entails before setting out:

Confirm the kind of rubbish that your dump handles . You don’t want to get all the way to the dump site and discover that your type of waste isn’t handled there right? So, we advise you check online in advance to confirm what the dump receives.

An excellent place to check would be the websites mentioned above; they do an excellent job of listing this.

Find out and confirm

Find out if there are any costs for using the dump site. There are some centres that charge an entry fee or charge you for dumping some items. It’s better you check out all the options available to you before you set out.

Carrying out quick research ahead or reading London Rubbish Dump Guide could keep you from incurring some unnecessary costs.
Don’t forget to go with your identity card. You have to show proof that you reside in the vicinity and that’s why most centres request for some form of ID. So, ensure you don’t forget it!

The types of identification accepted include either a current Council Tax bill or a driving license. If you’re unable to proceed either of the two, then you will be asked to pay a fee before using the site.

Check the height restrictions of vehicles. Most rubbish centres usually have a height restriction on vehicles that can be permitted to access the dump sites.

It’s usually around 2 metres, but you should confirm by checking online before going. Mainly if you have incurred some expenses by hiring a van.

Confirm the quantity of rubbish you can drop off. All the dumpsites don’t necessarily operate under the same set of rules. Different rubbish centres have varying weight restrictions on vehicles. Some charge based on your car size or weight.

London Rubbish Dump Guide : Check if a permit is needed. Not all items are easily disposable. Some require you to have a permit before they can accept your rubbish.

For instance, dumps like electric and electronic products need you to have a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) permit if you’re disposing of a large number.

Luckily, this permit can be obtained with any goods from a dependable distributor. All you need to do is to dig out the permit before proceeding to the centre.

Preparing well ahead is very important when it comes to rubbish removal. We sincerely hope you find these London Rubbish Dump Guide and few tips useful for your next dump site visit.

How Can We Help?

We can relieve you of all the stress by handling your rubbish removal task for you. That will include collection and disposal and recycling.

If you’d rather not be weighed down with this headache, why not get us on board to help you deal with your rubbish clearance.
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