Benefits of Junk Removal Wait and Load over Skip Hire Services Junk Removal Wait and Load

Junk removal wait and load refer to a service where the truck and man turns up, and the customer load the waste. However, in Andrews Waste, our team helps to pack the garbage on-demand services at your home and office leaving the site tidy. Our trained employees will remove all types of junk like furniture, garden refuse, refurbishment waste, and electrical appliances.

We offer great Junk Removal Wait and Load for services in areas where skips can’t go, for bulky garbage removal, builders and construction site, busy areas where rubbish cannot be left in the streets and rip out and shop fit outs. Skip hiring faces limitations although their services are efficient. The junk removal wait and load are effective for disposal of tedious massive quantity waste.It is the best alternative to employing a skip. Here are some benefits of wait and load over skip hire services.


This service provides an efficient and convenient junk removal option. With wait and load services, you can remove garbage from urban town centres where location has limited access, with strict council regulations, require parking permits and with little or no space. You can also use the junk removal wait and load services in refurbishments, shop fit outs and in projects where you need to get rid of builder’s waste.

No size limitations

The skip hire has restrictions regarding junk container size. You have an option to choose container size of between 2 to 16 cubic ounces. Depending on the amount of trash produced on a daily basis you are to select the right container size. Sometimes your junk may go beyond the limit, what happens in such a situation? You have no choice but to employ the wait and load services. Junk removal wait and load services have no limitations for the amount of junk. You can pack all the unwanted garbage and have the assurance that it will get the best disposal.

Saves time

Many projects have limited time especially the shop fit-outs. In such scenarios, the wait and load are efficient as they speed up the process of junk removal by lending a hand. With that, the junk gets collected in hours rather than days.

Removes all types of waste

With skip hire services, they are certain restrictions on the kind of junk getting disposed of. The skip hire has regulations on hazardous materials. In their case, these materials include Solvents like glues and varnishes, electrical products and appliances and asbestos. But with wait and load, such restrictions do not exist. Junk removed wait and load is disposed of in a friendly manner with things capable of reuse taken for recycling. 

Cost saving

The added cost to your projects reduces with wait and load services. These added costs include parking fees, permits for skips and also other fees local councils may charge. Wait, and load takes a short time, and your junk cleared without the extra cost, this keeps your site clear helping you focus on other essential issues of the project. 

With skip hire, you are disadvantaged if the route of the general truck is far from your residence. You will be forced to move the junk on skip route for its disposal; this becomes a great hassle for customers. Therefore, choose the junk removal wait and load for your garbage removal services.