How to Keep your Home Clean and Clutter-Free

While you can call a North London domestic household waste removal service for big domestic rubbish disposal projects, when it comes to keeping your house tidy it’s up to you. This is why we’ve compiled a handy blog post with a few top tips to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

Read over and implement the tips below and you should be on your way to having a much tidier and organised home.

Mop, Steam or Hoover your Floors Regularly

People wonder why our North London domestic household rubbish disposal service suggest this very obvious tip, however, there are multiple reasons behind why we so adamantly suggest that people regularly clean their floors. Of course, hoovering and cleaning floors regularly prevents the build-up of dust, allergens and toxins while also helping improve the air quality of your home. However, the main reason why we suggest this is because you can’t clean your floor if its full of stuff that shouldn’t be there.

Cleaning your home’s floors routinely means you need to routinely pick up all misplaced items that have just been lying around on the floor for no reason. This is the first step to cleaning your home, as it forces you to put everything in its right place and free up space to move and clean within.

Do an Inventory of Your Home

All too often when a North London domestic household rubbish removal service comes around, people are in disbelief at how much clutter and junk they didn’t realise they had. We always suggest our customers try and compile a general inventory of items in their home, as it’s the first step to understanding how much of everything you actually have.

When you finally have all of your home inventory listed out in front of you with the amounts of each item, you’re able to clearly see what needs to be tossed out.

Keep the Humidity Levels Low

Hot and humid air are the two ingredients that dust mites and mould spores can’t get enough of. Keeping humidity levels at least below 50% is a good start to reducing the build-up of dust and other allergens. However, if it’s difficult to control humidity levels in your home, think about getting a dehumidifier, as it will help reduce moisture indoors.

Our North London domestic household waste disposal service also advises you to check any leaking plumbing, as leaky pipes can lead to puddles and unexpected build-ups of moisture and humidity indoors.

Donate Old Clothes and Items to Charity

Sometimes we need a motivating factor to help us get rid of things that we just don’t want to let go of. Organising a day where you go through your old clothes and belongings to donate to charity can be a surprisingly effective method to declutter your home of things you simply don’t need anymore.

Knowing that your item is going to someone who needs it more can be the necessary kick for you to finally part with it.

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