Furniture Disposal Networks and Charities in London

Furniture Disposal Networks: That hideous, heavily stained sofa left outside your property certainly didn’t go unnoticed.
What with the disapproving looks of people passing by, having an opinion about the piece of junk that’s giving the neighbourhood a bad look? Furniture disposal networksMaybe the sofa belonged to you.

You had just dropped it on the pavement in front of your house. Now you are hopeful that it’ll be whisked away by someone who needed it. But that didn’t happen, and I can understand why.

However, responsibility for taking the lazy and easy way out of dumping stuff on the street and thinking someone else would take it upon themselves to properly dispose of the TVs, chairs, tables, bookshelves, sofas and other household items.

In the part of London where you stay there’s an easy but faulty way to dispose of furniture. It has become quite popular over the years and actually happening all around the UK.

dump site visitation

The dump sites have different dumping areas for different kinds of rubbish, for instance, garden waste, household waste, etc. I find the electrical goods container for the most part, disturbing.

Items such as toasters, microwaves, heaters, printers, computers, flat-screen TVs -all still in good conditions- are thrown in together. The people doing the tossing appear to be getting a kick out of it.

So, people feel good with themselves because they think they have de-cluttered. They forgetting that in about a year and a half, their shiny, brand new TV will meet the same fate as soon as a newer model comes out.

If you’re looking to dispose of your old and unwanted furniture, here are some furniture disposal networks and charities that can be of help.

If you have experienced a shameful sofa experience all you have to do is contact a service provider for your furniture disposal in London.

Give Your Unwanted Furniture A Second Chance

Some people may find that giving away unwanted items through charity shops might not be as easy as going to the dumpsites. Especially as parking space is a significant problem, but it is a very effective method of recycling. You’ll also be supporting a good cause.

However, there are other alternatives. If you want to find out if there are charity shops close to you, contact the Furniture Disposal Networks. For instance, if a shop near by no longer has enough space for furniture, you will find an alternative.

According to the CEO of Furniture Re-use Network, Craig Anderson, ‘we’re like a furniture bank. In times of hardship, we’re here supporting low-income families or people going through some tough time. They already work with over 200 charities.

They believe that getting rid of properties by destroying them makes absolutely no sense. Especially when some families are sleeping are in need of those items. When people want to dispose of unwanted goods they think simply of getting rid of it. They could instead think of how it might benefit someone else.

Consider Giving Away Your Furniture To Charity

It can be of particular concern to the Furniture Re-Use Network because they know that over ten million household items which disposed of at the dumpsites yearly. Of which some three million could be salvaged and reused by the less privileged in society.

Kate Blake from Too Good to Waste says they have about three vans that go out daily in South Wales alone and they always return filled with discarded furniture.

There are many people get rid of their sofa because it no longer fits the new paint colour of their living room. They are usually still in perfect condition, and so it’s better to find it a new home rather than sending it to the recycling centre.

Alternatively, Andrew Waste offer for furniture disposal networks and also donates items that are suitable for a second chance, You can contact them today on 0800 779 7688 or visit Andrews Waste